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Nice to meet you!

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Hey there, my name is Sebastian Kingcrown. Kingcrown isn’t really my last name, but I chose it because it’s more “brand-able”. I’m a recent college graduate with Honor Cords from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

50260220_00801_0527_MediumI majored in Strategic Communications with a business management minor. That’s just a fancy way of saying “Advertising & Marketing”. I love what I do. Most of the people I went to school with, and graduated with had dreams of working their way up in some big shot ad firm, but I didn’t feel like working for someone else. I drank up as much of the information about marketing and advertising as I could so that I could use it all to market myself and my expertise online. The internet is the future, and I chose to hop on early.

…I’ve always been interested in Business:

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve always tried to think of new ways to make money and to “win” per se. I’ve always felt like business owners are the winners in life. They work hard and their work pays off for them, therefore they can choose what they want to do with their lives. I wanted that.

I sold Cutco, I’ve sold home alarms, worked retail, bussed restaurants, fast food, hard labor and the rest. Speckled in between I’ve always found a way to sell something that people wanted, whether it was a need or a want, I found the sale.

I decided to truly make Small Business and Online marketing consulting my full-time career, and was born.

I graduated in May 2015, and since then, I’ve been traveling. I visited family in Washington for about a month, then Redlands California, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, and Houston Texas.

The picture to the left is me in Seattle this past June. We went to a recording studio with a local rapper. Before I started, I started a small magazine publication for Tacoma, Washington. This side project has helped me learn about advertising offline and in the real world. Owning a magazine gives me even more advertising flexibility than just being an online marketer.

This has all been door after door of opportunity opening for me because I chose to ditch the 9-5 job earning profits for another person. Just over two years ago, I decided online marketing would be my career, and I haven’t looked back since.

If you’d like to learn how to do the same and take control of your own life today, sign up for my Free Webinar and download my Free eBook today. I’ll show you how to start making money online (and offline) from the ground up. Let my college education and real world offline experience work for you like it’s worked for me, and I’m not even charging anything for these awesome tools.

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